World Wide Association of Christian Educational Institutions

Signet Bible College and Theological Seminary is accredited by the World Wide Association of Christian Educational Institutions. WWACEI is a private organization dedicated to maintaining the highest educational standards for theologically Christian based colleges and seminaries. WWACEI accreditation standards are maintained through educational and doctrinal accountability.

Why do we seek private accreditation?

At SBCTS, we believe that accountability is paramount for any Christ-based ministry or institution. Christian education is an important endeavor. The people who graduate from SBCTS carry with them teachings that will influence others for the cause of Jesus Christ and will reach worldwide. Therefore, it is important that we have accountability through oversight. While private accrediting agencies are not recognized by the federal government and are unable to offer special privileges to their college membership, they do provide accountability at a doctrinal and academic level.

State of Florida Department of Education

Signet Bible College and Theological Seminary operates under authorization, as a degree granting educational institution through exemption, by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities under Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FLA Statute.

Our Choice

In order to keep tuition affordable, we have elected not to be governed by the U.S. Department of Education and do not seek Regional Accreditation. Nor is government accreditation for religious institutions required by law. Accreditation is a voluntary and costly process and colleges that chose government oversight over educational programing are subject to their intrusive government mandates regardless if there is a conflict of interest.

While government accreditation may be beneficial to some institutions of higher learning, it is not always the best mode for religious educational institutions. Government accreditation does allow potential students to apply for financial aid. In general, their cost of education is extremely high.

Most students will be spending their post-graduate years paying off these federal loans. The high cost of education is due to the financial mandates placed upon institutions by the government, in addition to high overhead and operating cost required for doing business. In contrast, our overhead is low, and we are able to offer educational programming at a fraction of the cost of government regulated colleges.

Government accreditation does not support our vision and goals at this time. Our goal at SBCTS is to train and equip students for ministry and chaplaincy as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost without compromising educational excellence. For example, through our Fishers of Men Program we are actively involved in establishing campuses in prisons providing educational opportunities (At no cost to the taxpayer) to inmates that are willing to meet the rigors and challenge of a solid Christian education. Though we are not seeking government accreditation at this time, students can be assured that they are receiving a quality education from our experienced professors, many who possess earned degrees from institutions such as Moody Bible institute, Talbot Theological Seminary, Pepperdine University and other institutions of higher learning.

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