Fishers of Men


In the same manner in which Jesus drew fishermen from the work boats and made them fishers of men. Signet Bible College and Theological Seminary draws prisoners—the least among society—from their lives of crime and equips them to become fishers of men for the Kingdom of God.


With more than 60 years of professional corrections and prison—ministry experience, SBC’s Fishers of Men program offers real and lasting rehabilitation to prisoners who will be returning to society. To that end, our proven program offers the kind of rehabilitation results that cannot be matched by any secular educational, vocational, or substance-abuse program routinely offered in and throughout America’s state and federal prison systems. However, to expand and fortify this kingdom work for prisoners and their families, and for society, we need your help. To find out the specifics on how you can help in this effort visit our donation page.

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As a young man who was born and raised in Watts California, the historical effects of the infamous “Watts Riots” and the present day effects of gang violence of which I was once a part have shaped most all of my life. There I remained, in the dark, with no hope of ever entering the light of opportunity that seemed to shine for others until June 2009. That was when God removed me from the streets of Watts and placed me in the cleft of a rock in a federal prison in Taft California, where He covered me with His hand. It was there, in Taft, where I met a representative from Signet Bible College and Theological Seminary. Realizing that I was educationally ill-equipped for the rigors of a Bible college program, the representative of the school encouraged me to enroll in the Christian Ministry Degree Program and let the Spirit of the Lord do the rest. Through the power of Christ, it was a Bible College that turned my heart of stone into a heart for God. I was never told (at least in a way I could understand) that Jesus died on the cross so that a wretch from Watts like me could live. So, if Signet Bible College and Theological Seminary could transform the life of a former gang leader, imagine what it can do for others like me.

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