Master of Christian Counseling Graduate Degree



Become effective in your role as a Biblical counselor by learning how to integrate Biblical principles, motivating the hearts and minds of people in their marriage, the rearing of children and in their personal lives using the Bible as a guide.

Course Objective

After completing this course, the student should be able to write a publish-worthy thesis paper. When writing a thesis paper the student must present a coherent biblical view of the role of a Christian Counselor, as well as the role of a counselor during a crisis.

Curriculum Overview of Masters Degree of Christian Counseling

4 Sessions | 3 Courses per Session |3-4 Credit Hours per Course
44 Total Credit Hours | Requisite Intern Credit Hours

Session 1

MCC1 Counseling and Spiritual Warfare – 3 Credit Hours
MCC2 Healing Work of the Holy Spirit – 3 Credit Hours
MCC3 Spiritual Dynamics of Addiction – 3 Credit Hours

Session 2

MCC4 Youth Violence – 3 Credit Hours
MCC5 Principles of Life Course – 3 Credit Hours
MCC6 Family Violence within the Family – 3 Credit Hours

Session 3

MCC7 Marriage and Family Counseling – 3 Credit Hours
MCC8 Foundational Principles of Faith Based Counseling – 3 Credit Hours
MCC9 Crisis & Trauma Counseling – 4 Credit Hours

Session 4

MCC10 Ministering to Those in Grief – 4 Credit Hours
MCC11 Counseling the Terminally Ill – 4 Credit Hours

Final Project

Thesis: A 30,000 to 40,000 word thesis. Topic of thesis will be selected by the professor.

Total of 44 Credit Hours

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